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Our suite of animal travel management solutions is built to transform your engagement with service animal owners and pet owners.

The online customer experience with pet travel is in its infancy in comparison with other aspects of pet ownership, including online pet shopping and online booking for pet sitting. Animal owners' expectations for travel are increasing, including personalized guidance for travel preparation, online kennel sizing, online cost calculators and documentation accessibility. At the same time, animal travel represents an untapped opportunity for airlines to cultivate and customize customer experiences.

End-to-End Solutions for the Airline Industry

Owner Account

PawsGlobal’s platform enables airlines to offer animal owners the opportunity to create and manage a highly personalized user account. The account’s dashboard functionality can span owner information, animal profile information, type of animal, documentation, and checklists. The account enables the animal owner to easily access documentation on an ongoing basis.

Download & Upload

With a personalized format, the animal owner views the documentation relevant to their animal type for download or other mechanisms for owner access. The animal owner can upload, or provide via other mechanisms, the appropriate documentation within required time requirements. Documentation required for international travel can also be included, if desired.


Based on the requirements of individual airlines, PawsGlobal incorporates the requirements of the Air Carrier Access Act. Based on the software flexibility, PawsGlobal’s software can include any new procedures and updated requirements that are tailored to an airline’s needs. PawsGlobal’s validation fulfillment services are via a social enterprise non-profit associated with National Industries for the Blind - the United States' largest employment resource for people who are blind.


In addition to ensuring the correct documentation is initially provided, it is equally important to ensure that the expiration date of documentation is monitored. PawsGlobal will ensure that the expiration date of an animal health certificate, animal vaccinations are current and up-to-date. On a similar basis, the date of issuance for mental health documentation will be monitored. Alerts and reminders are issued to animal owners and can be within a checklist format.


If desired by an individual airline, animal owners have the option to provide account access to their veterinarian. Via account access, the veterinarian can upload appropriate documentation for their animal. The engagement of the animal medical community allows a simplified process for the animal owner. If indicated by the animal owner, veterinarians can also receive alerts and reminders that the animal documentation requires updating based on expiration dates.


PawsGlobal maintains a secure document storage environment for appropriate information. PawsGlobal utilizes best practices and approaches from the healthcare industry, including cybersecurity models used to support HIPAA Compliance, for storage and maintenance of sensitive personal information on behalf of the individual.


Household Animals on the Move - A Market Snapshot

Over 50% of pet owners travel overnight with their pet at least once a year.

Pets have become increasingly integrated into families as "family members" and not simply companions. The pet industry reflects this trend with growth outpacing economic growth every year in the past decade. In 2018, the total U.S. pet industry expenditure was $59.51 Billion with year over year growth that continues to outpace overall economic growth. Coupled with the increase in expenditures, there is a significant trend towards pet ownership of smaller dogs. Dog-owning households with small dogs jumped from 39% in 2014* to 50% in the 2018-2019 American Pet Product Association Survey. A report issued by Purdue University's School of Hospitality and Tourism management** reports that 49% of adult leisure travelers in the United States consider their pets to be part of the family. The emotional attachment to pets significantly affected the willingness to travel with pets, regardless of extra monetary cost and logistical inconvenience. Pet owners would like to spend time with their pets and want to share leisure experience with them.
According to the most recent PawsGlobal Travel Survey® by PawsGlobal, Inc., over 75% of owners travel overnight with their animal at least one time annually. Additional information in the PawsGlobal Travel Survey® is available upon request.

In parallel, the emergence of pet owners that feel entitled to take their pets on airplanes as service animals or emotional support animals is an exploding trend. In July 2018, a major airline publicly reported a 92% increase in service animals from the period of 2014 to 2017 and a 367% increase in emotional support animals during the same period. The rationale for misrepresentation differs between pet owners; the predominant reasons include the pet owner perception of the value received in exchange for the pet fee or their size of their pet is not allowed for in-cabin travel. For emotional support animals and psychiatric service animals, the Internet has provided an easy on-ramp to secure mental health documentation. However, very few pet owners understand that misrepresenting their pet as a service animal is a criminal offense. For example, in the State of California, misrepresentation is a second-degree misdemeanor. The offense is punishable with up to 60 days in jail and 30 hours of community service for an organization that services people with disabilities.

 In January 2019, the Department of Transportation announced the Negotiated Rulemaking for Animal Travel,that commenced in 2016, will issue a second revision. This version is an iteration of the Department of Transportation 2018 solicitation of comments on the Negotiated Rulemaking to develop a proposed amendment to the Air Carrier Access Act of 1986 (ACAA). The negotiated rulemaking process commenced in 2016. PawsGlobal attended the series of monthly meetings, as a member of the public, for the DOT’s ACCESS Advisory Committee. PawsGlobal submitted comments during the most recent request for public submission. The comments emphasized the viability of a central repository of animal owner information, either at each airline or in a holistic data provider, such as PawsGlobal. PawsGlobal can work with an airline directly or in a centralized basis.    

PawsGlobal’s Report on Technical Feasibility was subsequently included in the Pre-NPRM Comment by the United Service Animal Users, Supporters and Advocates. Media coverage of the compromise document includes coverage by the Wall Street Journal in 2017.  

In Fall 2018, the H.R.4 – FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018 with a rulemaking proceeding to be conducted by the Department of Transportation. The “Harmonization of Service Animal Standards” includes a set of considerations, i.e. a modification of the definition of a service animal as currently described in the ACAA should be modified to the term definition in the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. Media visibility of the transportation of household animals continues to highlight the need for enterprise businesses to provide an optimal and consistent experience for household animal owners. PawsGlobal’s solution suite is designed to address the problems and maximize opportunities for the travel industry and multi-family industry.  

*American Veterinarian Medical Association, AVMA Sourcebook
**Kirillova, K, Lee, S, Lehto, X Journal of Quality Assurance in Hospitality & Tourism, 16:1,24-44

A little about PawsGlobal

  • Revolutionary Approach

    PawsGlobal provides the first solution suite in the world focused on transforming the multifamily industry approach                       to pets.  

  • Software Startup Expertise

    Proven software startup track record by key members of the PawsGlobal executive team. Their expertise is being                           applied to pave a path for early adopter success for                                   customers in the multifamily industry.                                                      

  • Enterprise Centric

    Via patent pending technology, PawsGlobal provides an innovative hosted cloud technology platform                                               that serves as a repository of key information and                 
                          documentation as well as eligibility engine to                                               facilitate pet and assistance animal eligibility.

Our Team

Marcia E. Alden – Founder and CEO
Marcia’s passion for technology innovation coupled with her love of travel with the family’s Affenpinscher produced PawsGlobal, Inc. Prior to founding PawsGlobal, she held a number of senior roles at Microsoft focused on strategy build-out and worldwide execution.  In her role as Microsoft’s Worldwide Consulting Lead for Digital Marketing, Marcia led a global team spanning six continents focused on new and innovative solutions.  Prior to Microsoft, Marcia led business development at S1, a start-up company that delivered the first suite of internet banking solutions to the financial industry.

Jenine Stanley – Service Animal Stategy Director
Jenine's experience with service animal advocacy spans 30 years at the local, state, national, and international levels. She serves as a co-chair on the Service Animal Working Group as part of the review of the Air Carrier Accessibility Act. In her role, she is focused on clarifying what household animals can and cannot be brought on board so that animals are serving legitimate purposes.

Yogesh Dhande – Technology Lead
Yogesh brings extensive experience in Web, Mobile and Analytics to PawsGlobal. He leads a team of seasoned developers to deliver digital transformation within PawsGlobal's platform. His passion for quality and on-time delivery aligns with PawsGlobal focus on rapid and agile innovation approaches to the market.

Tom DePasquale – Advisory Board Chairman and Chief Strategist
Tom is a seasoned founder of start-ups. His focus is the intersection of business models, funding, and resource development. He was the Executive Vice President of Technology at Concur (acquired by SAP) with responsibilities for technology strategy as well as operational and technical integrations of multiple acquisitions.  He was the CEO and Founder of Outtask which was acquired by Concur. 

Doug Brown – Veterinary Industry Advisor
Doug is the founder and chief executive of Vetlocity, and the visionary behind the first fully automated end-to-end loyalty solution designed to strengthen the bond between manufacturers, veterinarians, and those they serve. Known in the industry as a marketing innovator and animal health expert, Doug serves an important advisory role for PawsGlobal’s integration of animal health records and the veterinary industry.


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